FeltLOOM® Lab Series

The FeltLOOM® Lab Series is our most advanced series yet. These machines are based on our Pro Series line, but with added customizations that allow for even further versatility in textile creation. The FeltLOOM® Lab series offers add-ons such as:

  • Adjustable Rollers – with this extension the FeltLOOM® user has the ability to adjust the height of the feed rollers which allows for the production of more dense materials.
  • Conveyor System – perfect for testing line-production, the added conveyor system allows for a smooth and consistent feed into the FeltLOOM® needle felting machine.
  • Built-In Light Table – This add-on gives the user x-ray vision; by adding a light surface to the tabletop the FeltLOOM® user is able to see the density and distribution of the fibers being felted.
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