CE CSA & ETL Certified

Our machines have gone through rigorous testing are certified to be CE CSA and ETL compliant via Intertek testing laboratories.
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Innovative Needle Felting Machine in Sharpsburg, KY

If you are looking for quality felt making equipment, you’ve come to the right place. At FeltLOOM®, we offer a wide variety of state-of-the-art products designed to fulfill all of your felting needs. Having worked in the textile industry for over 20 years, and we know how to pick the right materials.

Today, we draw on this experience to offer textile makers around the world the FeltLOOM®, a revolutionary needle felting machine made in Sharpsburg, KY, that completely changes the game when it comes to fiber conversion, structural fabric conversion, and textile creation.

User-Friendly Felting Machine

Whether you’re new to felting or a seasoned textile creator, you know just how important user-friendly equipment is. But all too often, professional textile production equipment comes with a steep learning curve that can leave even seasoned creators flummoxed.

Drawing on decades of hands-on textile production experience, our team has developed a variety of fiber production devices with simplicity built in. This not only minimizes the stress of navigating complicated machinery but makes it possible for even small-scale enterprises to capture the beauty and precision of professional-grade textile manufacturing. No matter what your next project entails, our top-of-the-line equipment models are perfect for the job.

Quality Guaranteed

  • Designed, engineered, and manufactured in the United States.

  • Made from industrial steel and aircraft-grade aluminum.

  • Each machine is assembled by hand with precision detail.

  • Consistent, knowledgable, and friendly customer support.

World renowned artist and designer, Janice Arnold, explains her design process using the FeltLOOM®

Our Users

Researchers are able to test “what if” ideas quickly. With the FeltLOOM®, you test fiber blends without stopping production. You can test finishing or structuring needles in minutes and you can needle up and needle down at the same time. Researchers can use the FeltLOOM® to expand the product line.

Educators are able to teach and create in new ways,. With the FeltLOOM®, roadblocks to producing large scale exhibition works are gone. The possibilities offered by the FeltLOOM® has spawned tremendous interest in working with felt as a strong, dependable creative medium. Educators are using FeltLOOM’s to expand the reach of their fiber classes and offer students new worlds of creativity and learning.

Designers can efficiently create custom made and durable felted clothing, accessories and upholstery. Felted clothing is increasingly popular, but until now, artists have been limited by slow hand-production methods and inconsistent quality. Now designers can produce high quality, custom upholstery. The best part is that the efficient production method makes final products affordable.

Breeders have new products to offer their customers. Many fiber breeders have raw fiber piling up in barns, without a vehicle for getting it to market. The ability to easily produce non-woven fabric products on a FeltLOOM® has created a new opportunity for them to easily produce, market, and sell products and generate more profits for their farms!

Fiber Mills are able to expand their products and services. While most fiber mills offer basic fiber processing, innovative mills have started producing felted fabrics as an added service and source of revenue. This has fashioned an entirely new market for the fiber processing industry!​​​

An Array of Textile Applications

Thanks to their truly unique design, FeltLOOM® products are ideal for a wide range of professionals, from behind-the-scene researchers to freelance designers. With its modern engineering and ease of use, every piece of our felt making equipment can be utilized for a wide range of fiber and textile applications. Test out new fiber blends without holding up production or create eye-catching felted clothing and accessories. With our cutting-edge fiber and textile production equipment, you can do it all.

Contact us to learn more about our equipment. Though based in Sharpsburg, Kentucky, we proudly serve customers worldwide.

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